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Secrets of Malta

Malta, 1943. The war in the air above Malta is over, but the battle for Europe is about to begin.

Margarita, a young singer in a Valletta nightclub,
has seen her former lover Henry Dunn only once since breaking off their affair. His wife Vera, an enigmatic archaeologist, arrives at the club to tell her that Henry has disappeared, presumed dead. While investigating, Margarita stumbles upon the hunt for a notorious and dangerous spy: Nero.

As an unlikely bond develops between the two women, an urgent quest to unmask Nero starts – before he can enact a deadly plan that may threaten the course of the war.

Out 29 February 2024!

Long Journey Home_final cover.jpg

The Long Journey Home

It's 1941 and Kate is living in Rangoon. A world away from her English upbringing, she is bewitched by the country and the kindness of the Burmese people. When she meets Edwin, a young teacher from London, a friendship develops between them. Edwin has secrets and is looking for a place to call home – something she shares.

As their bond grows, Kate begins to understand Edwin's past. But war is coming and, when the Japanese invade, Kate and Edwin are forced to flee. They begin a perilous journey to India but soon become separated. As Kate continues alone, she can't get the troubled young man out of her head.

With the fallout of war all around them, in a place far from home, will Kate and Edwin survive their journey and find the new beginning they both seek?

Published June 2021

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