'[Editing] was like removing layers of crumpled brown paper from an awkwardly shaped parcel, and revealing the attractive present which it contained.' 
― Diana AthillStet: An Editor's Life

I have edited many different kinds of writing for publishing houses and writers, including:

  • Novels

  • Nonfiction books

  • Academic essays

  • Articles

  • Personal essays

  • Poetry

  • Advertising copy

Get in touch if you would like a quote or to discuss your needs. Rates vary depending on the length of the work, complexity, and level of editing needed. I'm happy to take a look at your work and give you a free quote - just send me an email.

Copy Editing​

A thorough copy edit includes attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, ease of reading, and also tightens up sentences that are overly wordy. This is done using Track Changes in Microsoft Word for the ease of the writer and the editor.


Proofreading is essentially the last opportunity to pick up small errors and typos, after the book or piece of writing has been edited. This can be done in Word or on a PDF.